Min Tower Technology

Min Tower

  • We are proud to present to you... THE MIN TOWER It is a tower-shaped wit that acts in a similar way as a tree would when it is approximately 12 years old. The tower performs absorption and perspiration functions in a timely and controlled manner, just as a natural tree would.
  • The MIN Tower is manufactured in fre-retardant plastic materials that allow the Buckling and consists of the same elements as a normal tree.
  • The root is anchored to the ground quickly and efectively
  • The trunk is installed in a modular way in a very short time due to the low weight of the modules of which it is composed
  • Cup consisting of 3 trays that generate a shade of 27 m2.

How does it work?

  • After installation and during the night, the Tower begins to absorb the ambient moisture and transmits it through the trunk, even reaching to deposit at the base of the trunk. During the early hours of the morning, the condensed spray on the trays rushes to the base of the trunk. And at dawn a slight vaporization takes place depending on the temperature. During the day, the heat and incidence of the Sun cause the trunk to heat up and evaporate the water stored during the absorption phase. Vaporization occurs at two heights, one below 3 meters and one at 10 meters. To supply moisture to diferent types of cultivation or forest mass. During the afternoon the vaporization and absorption efects occur simultaneously. In this way, the land where a team of Torres min is installed undergoes a uniform humidifcation that remains almost constant throughout the day Causing the area to be very suitable for cultivation with reforestation With the progressive increase in humidity, the temperature gradually drops attracting clouds Positive charges are redistributed across the entire surface of the terrain, while negative charges begin to populate the base of the clouds and fnally… THE RAIN The claim of Antonio Ibañez de Alba is to install groups of MIN Towers in areas in the process of desertifcation, approximately every 10 meters. Between tower and tower a tree suitable for the terrain will be planted, so that there is a big tree for each tower.
  • After the 10 years necessary for the adult age of the tree, the MIN Tower will be uninstalled for later use in another area, recycling the equipment of towers, having managed to make the land fertile and moist and the reforestation of these lands... A success. MIN Tower guarantees the drastic reduction of water consumption in irrigation of vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees and other crops. This type of crop will enjoy top quality fruits, whose situation in drought-prone areas is dramatically dependent on water. The humidity and shade provided by the towers will result in benefts of all kinds and large scale on land that were intended for agricultural use or rejected by technicians. The main function of this system is to return the water cycle to the areas in the process of desertifcation. Let's think about the implications of this project… We are not only talking about improving agriculture in developed countries, but also of ofering a unique opportunity for those depressed countries that face the scourge of hunger every day. Either because of the difculty of access to infrastructure or because of the very scarcity of rains that look like these areas.
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