Smart Tree

Environmentally friendly smart tree

  • The Smart Tree gives you a natural environment for life of diferent species of plants and trees if you plant around it, thus it enables to eliminate desertifcation, as well as providing life opportunities for other species of birds and wild animals. When planting the smart tree, we will excavate between 5-4 meters underground and with approximately half a meter wide, a tank will be put inside the hole and a special material such as stones will be poured three columns with multiple holes will be put above, the tree is fxed below and with higher bases on earth surface to fx the higher trunk of the tree, after that, a viscous material called the phonelka, will be poured, whereas this material comes out of the holes in the columns inside the ground to create itself roots similar to the natural roots. (in its form and extension)
  • Its roots extend 25 meters into the ground These roots play a natural role in wetting soil on the surface of ground and help the surrounding trees and plants for irrigation and growth.
  • When moving to the higher part of the tree, specifcally its leaves, it is featured with existence of multiple holes to absorb moisture from the weather As well as it works with the normal life cycle, which starts with the drop of the morning dew carried by the leaves to the trunk and then to the tank and at time of sunrise, water starts with relative evaporation depending on the atmosphere, and in the afternoon with the heat and height of the sun, this causes an increase of temperature of the tree, which led absorption water to be evaporated, water will be evaporated from the leaves too, to provide moisture on diferent levels of the surrounding area, and on day time, two processes of absorption and evaporation will occur continuously at the same time, the roots store the water and then retrieve it again and distribute it to the surrounding area, and you note the continuation of maintaining them stable moisture during the day.
  • Thus the smart tree does not consume water, however it is a source of an irrigation for the surrounding trees and plants, however, the lowest type of natural trees, is the palm tree which consumes between 60 and 65 cubic meters per year
  • It works to improve the environment for a period of 10 consecutive years, as well as to resist the factors of erosion, desertifcation and climate change
  • Also it featured with the ability to transfer the smart tree from its soil to another soil after a process of taking advantages from it, and being transferred to another environment that needs climate adjustment
  • The smart tree is relied on decrease the temperature from 5 to 8 degrees You can control the height of the tree according to the adjacent environment, the quality of each project, and by greater consistency and beauty
  • The investment of a smart tree achieves a lot of useful results that improve the quality of life, and is the objective is the application of Kingdom Vision 2030 and accomplishment it and maintaining water reserves of the Kingdom and the palm tree is still a source of our pride.
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